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  • Hey Mintie! I saw your comment on the Ask Another User page, and I agree. This is super hard without an admin. But this is going to be a complete revamp of this wiki, so we need to start editing as much as we can, adopt it in about a week, and then do the rest. I was planning on adopting it, if that's okay with you. I would give you admin and bureaucrat rights, though, if I do adopt it. It's only fair, since I didn't even start this wiki. 

    I believe we are not going to be making this a canon wiki, since that would clash with the other wiki. So I was going to go with the idea of having this be sort of a meet-and-greet, discussion, and cooperative project hub for KotLC fans. What do you think? If we chose to do this, we would want to start working on that, rather than on canon pages. We would just ignore the canon pages for now, and delete them after the wiki's adoption.



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  • Hi, welcome to Keeper of the Lost Cities Wiki! I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. Thank you for your edit to File:Sophie.jpeg!

    It looks as though none of the admins for this community are active right now, but if you need help, check out our help pages or stop by Community Central to explore our forums.

    And don't forget to check out FANDOM University for quick how-to videos.

    Enjoy your time at Keeper of the Lost Cities Wiki!

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